The Interesting New Online Education Model In Singapore

The interesting new online education model in Singapore makes it so that homeschooling need not be so informal and dependent solely on the parent doing the teaching. Sure, the Internet is a repository of knowledge in and of itself so it should be enough to teach the child without tutors, right? Wrong. Literacy needs building and formal education, even when it comes to this virtual paradigm shift. With LessonsSG, the whole world is your tutor marketplace. This means you have the ability to choose your tutors or tutoring services that fit the most with your schedule or the schedule of your child that’s in need of help with his math or science subject. Logistics is the last thing you’ll be worrying about when doing online learning.

A Whole New Online Education Model

  • Can Work Hand-in-Hand with or Separate from Schooling: You can use online tutoring to get help on subjects that your child has trouble learning in formal school or have him homeschooled using this new online education model the same way you can get college diplomas nowadays through online courses. It supplements formal schooling and homeschooling as well as serve as its own online school that your child can convenient log unto for the sake of learning math, social studies, history, science and so forth.
  • The Limits of School in The Real World: In the world of brick-and-mortar schools, you’re limited to the books you’re assigned to read and the tests you’re supposed to take. They’re more formal and certified, sure, but are you or your child really learning from regular school? You can go beyond these limitations in such an academic environment by shifting or supplementing your studies to the virtual world of bits and numbers.
  • A Tutor Is a Specialist: Although it is true that you can browse online for information after your tutoring session, a tutor is better at parsing all that info in usable chunks that can actually impact your future high school and college exams as well as job applications. Google and Wikipedia also just summarize the information and can end up filled with misinformation or information overload. In order to cut the chaff from the wheat, you need a tutor.